Friday, January 4, 2008


Alright, so I have some more pictures from last semester sorted out.

Soooo here's some more figure work, stuff I did outside of class. I did nearly all of my figure work out of class in copic wides which are fantastic fun. It's good to have something that sort of forces you to commit to a line, especially when working quickly. All the marker ones are under 5 minute poses for certain but I don't remember exactly how long they were.

This last one here was a longer pose, in the neighborhood of a couple hours, I honestly don't remember. It's water soluble crayons on toned sketchbook paper - also a lot of fun but not really as valuable of a learning experience as the markers... they're really non-committal and easy.

Also have a couple assignments I did for my illustration class... which honestly I haven't been too happy with. My heart really wasn't in most of the work I've been doing for that instructor... just haven't really been into the assignments. Anyway I felt pretty good about this one here. The assignment was to take a pair of antonyms and illustrate them as self portraits that were the embodiments of the words (the object was not to get likeness). From the options I picked calm and tormented.

Also here are the first two frames of a four frame storyboarding assignment. I did them all in one night... the second two frames... not so good.

The story after that goes: dog starts eating car, man has to kill dog to stop it and is sad... the end. ...yeah.

Got some stuff from my media class I'll be putting up eventually, we'll see.

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