Monday, March 15, 2010


6 Hours

6 Hours

3 Hours

So, this is the annual "I think I'm getting the hang of painting" post, but I think I might really mean it this time... not sure. Anyway, in the grand tradition of posting paintings and then immediately being unsure of their merit, here goes.

Should be some sketchbook I feel much more comfortable with coming briefly.


Kristen Cruz said...
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Kristen Cruz said...

i know hodges kept saying it, but the guy in the last image has the best profile! nice textures btw :)

Rob Chandler said...

Thanks! Yeah, he really does have an awesome profile, I hope I get to paint him again before leeeeeeaving.

RNS said...

The third painting is a really strong piece, better than anything I ever produced. The first one is also really nice, I like the under-painting that shows through :)