Monday, February 25, 2008

More Painting...

So the semester is rolling along. I'm finally starting to make things in painting class that aren't entirely disgraceful, haha. We spent the last couple weeks of class painting downtown, here are the highlights. Compared to some of my peers it all looks pretty shoddy but compared to myself I'm looking pretty good, haha. These are all about 3 hours a piece.

This last one here is part of a series of 12, 12in by 12in paintings we have to do, all thematically connected and whatnot. I'm doing little animal hybrid things, which I realize isn't the most original idea, so to make up for that I'm trying to make sure the pictures are extra weird. This is the first one I have done... at given how many I have to do and when they're due, I should be putting them out at a rate of about 1-2 a week... and on that schedule I'm already one behind... shit.


When I get the time I have some figure drawings worth uploading, but for now I have a lot to do...


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