Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Williams bear...

So yeah, this would be the first time I've ever elected to do an oil painting for an illustration project, and considering I'd say it came out pretty good.

In all his poorly photographed glory

Face Detail

I figured I'd put the explanation after the image, as it's probably better when there's some confusion involved. We were given the option of doing either a satirical portrait, an ironic parody or a glorified portrait of a faculty member of the school. My original plan was to draw Mr. John Williams here standing on a pile of dead ninjas, bears, tigers, sharks etc. shooting lasers out of his eyes at a T-rex, stabbing a shark and backhanding a student... which I was really really excited about doing but the teacher changed her mind on the idea when she decided it wasn't satirical enough (after letting me work on it for a week... ugh). So yeah, this is my replacement idea. I like the other one enough that if I find the time I might just do it anyways...

On another note I have to find a more effective way of photographing paintings.

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